Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Meeting 2009

Dear All –
April 11th appears to be the best date for everyone – so we’ll go with the 11th at 7pm. (I think everyone will be in town except for Ann -- sorry, Ann!)

We’d like to propose a THEME for this Spring event – ITALIAN WINES. We’d also like to propose that we coordinate in advance so that we have something along the lines of:

a champagne course
2 white wine courses
2 red wine courses
a dessert course

For example, we plan to serve a full-bodied Italian white with a shell-fish dish (probably Coquille-St. Jacques). As you plan, if you could simply “reply to all” we can coordinate a menu which show-cases each of our contributions and will eliminate duplication.

Looking forward to another delightful evening of friends, food & wine …

Kathy & Dan

P.S. Maps to our place attached.

You can see from the pictures that, with enough good wine, everything becomes a blur of fun & excitement! -Dan

Looking forward to seeing everybody.
Lynda & Dave

Dear All –

Looking forward to our Saturday evening gathering at our place, 7pm.

Current menu is:

Bubbly plus hors’de ourves Holup/Revell

White course O’H’s

3 Red courses Conjura/Blakes, Gilliam’s, Beckers

(?4th Red) (Leach’s)

Derby Pie w dessert wine O’H’s & Beckers

Ran into Herky at the “Y” this week. Says it’s unlikely they’ll make it. Gabrielle might be having surgery (microdiscectomy) this week. Gabrielle – our thoughts are with you! Have a speedy recovery!

HI Everyone,

We will be there tonight! Yea! We are bringing a red and 2 appetizers.
Can you email directions to your place.
Herky & Gabrielle
All - we'll plan to bring a Franciacorta for the sparkling wine course and something appropriate to go with it.

Lynda & Dave
We are going to bring a killer pinot grigio to go with Kim's orgasmic strata (I guess that sounds a bit odd--I will make it using her recipe, with cream/goat cheeses layered with mixtures of sun-dried tomato puree and fresh pesto using my own basil). This should follow L&D's Franciacorta course, I suppose.

Frank & Laura
Hey Gang,
Just so that there are no surprises, I thought I would let all know that I am weenie-ing out on Kim's pesto strata--sorry. Will explain. In lieu of that, we will bring a pesto pasta appetizer.

We'll bring a barolo and some risotto.
Hi Everyone,

We are going to bring an Umbrian Red to complement a rustic Italian dish, I am just not yet sure which one.
See you soon.
Gabriele and Herk

we will be there. we will try a 2003 falesco cabernet umbria
Wines & Food
Holup-Revell - 2003 La Valle Franciacorta Italian sparkling wine - various Italian antipasti: excellent cheeses & crackers, melon & prosciutto, mushrooms, bruschetti with eggplant tamponade

Frank & Laura -- 2007 Benefizium Pinot Grigio -- Ian's outstanding pasta dish

Kathy & Dan -- 2006 Antinori Cervaro -- Kathy's terrific scallops as Coquille St. Jacques

Herky & Gabrielle -- 2003 Falesco Umbrian Cabernet [backup wine - 2004 Ca' di Pian Barbera d'Asti] -- Gabrielle's tasty stuffed mushroooms plus red pepper hors d'oeurves

Ann & Rodger -- 2001 Salice Salentino Rosso Riserva -- Ann's delicious Tuscan white bean soup & breadsticks

Jim & Kim -- Schiavenza Barolo Riserva -- Jim's yummy morel & peas risotto

Jim & Kathy -- 1998 Felsina Vin Santo with Derby pie & coffee
HI Everybody,

What a lovely evening!

Dan and Kathy, thank you for being wonderful hosts, and to all, we appreciate the quality and originality of the wine choices and food pairings presented last night. We truly enjoyed the comeraderie. What a treat!

We would love to host the next "meeting" in June or July.

Herk and Gabriel
Thank you Kathy and Dan for orchestrating a masterpiece event! The food.....the wine......the sparkling was all "molto bene."

And thank you to everyone else in our very special group for sharing their company with Rodger and I last night. We are blessed!

Happy Easter to everyone and their families,

What a great evening! Superb food and wine. Loved seeing everybody. Thanks to Kathy for all the preparation, and thanks to Dan for all the documentation. Great hosts! We're looking forward to our next get-together.

Kim & Jim
What a wonderful evening – fabulous wines, food and friends! What more could you ask for! Frank and I are still talking about it!

Many thanks to Dan and Kathy for hosting – your home and its surroundings are beautiful!

Laura and Frank
Hi All: Besides the wonderful time we had, I found it interesting that so many of us ended up on the floor after an evening of wine and food!!!


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