Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spring Meeting 2008

Four Seasons Wine Club
Wines and Food for Spring

Hi All – It looks like Saturday, May 31st is a go for the second gathering of the Four Seasons Wine Group. Everyone is available this night, with Rodger as our only person with a potential conflict. The invitation and directions are attached. Here’s hoping for good weather so we can spend some time outside. See you next month.


Lynda & Dave

Saturday, May 31st
7:00 PM

Dave Revell and Lynda Holup’s place

Surprise us with your wine and its food pairing! We plan to stage the food and wine pairings so we can taste them together.

See you then.
Directions are attached separately.

Everyone enjoyed the wine and food pairings – an abundance of both! Nine wines were sampled. In order of tasting they were: [notes by Lynda Holup]

Zardetto Prosecco – light, refreshing aperitif to start the evening, paired with various antipasti on the patio. (Revlup)
Kistler Chardonnay Carneros 2005 – rich, smoky, multi-layered, long finish, great mouth feel, paired perfectly with smoked salmon. (Gilliam)
Lageder Pinot Bianco 2006 – clear, crisp, high acid, white from Northern Italy, paired successfully with farfalle pasta with spring asparagus and kale. (Revlup)
Taurino Salice Salentino Riserva 2001 – full-bodied, fruit-forward southern Italian red, paired beautifully with a rich bruschetta. (Conjura)
Sandrone Barbera d’Alba 2004 – fruity, complex, good example of old-world style Piedmont Italian red, which improved in the glass and was excellent with zucchini stuffed with wild mushrooms and goat cheese. (Revlup)
Prieuré-Lichine 1996 – delicious, fragrant, complex bordeaux from Margaux, seemingly at its peak, paired with homemade gnocchi with chard in a tomato sauce. (Clark/Leach) See attachment for more details on this vineyard.
Orin Swift The Prisoner 2006 – full throttle zinfandel blend that stands on its own with lots of berry fruit, smooth, powerful, and satisfying. (Becker)
Moet & Chandon White Star Champagne over ripe, homegrown strawberries a la française, so sweet, so bubbly. (O’Hanlon)
Scrapona Moscato d’Asti 2007 – fruity, low alcohol dessert wine from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy poured over peach pound cake with nectarines and blueberries.(Revlup)

Summer Wine Group will be held at Herk and Gabrielle’s in South Point.


AC said...

Boy, to look at those pictures, you would think that all those people did was eat, drink and be merry!

Dan O'Hanlon said...

Yes, Ann, it's a happy crowd, isn't it?!